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panel base review

With time, the internet is becoming famous among people, more than 87% of people in developed countries access the internet. It is not just a medium for entertainment. It has become a platform for online opportunities to earn money, one of which is paid survey sites. In developed countries like the UK, different brands and business companies pay their customers to get their personal opinion about the quality of their goods and products. These survey sites act as a mediator for their direct communication.

There are many paid survey sites in the UK. Panelbase UK is one of the established reward sites in the UK. It is the best option for those who are seeking supplementary earning opportunities to amplify their income and savings in their free time. But there are many scam sites which pretend to be a real and authorized site and take advantage of naive customers. Therefore, you need to do a bit of research about the company before joining. In this review, we will give you a quick outlook on all the things you need to know before joining Panelbase.
Introduction to Panelbase UK.


Introduction of Panelbase Uk

Panelbase UK is an online market research panel that is in alliance with a large number of service providers and large businesses ready to recompense its consumers to get their authentic feedback on their products and services. Panelbase works under a UK-based market analysis agency, Dipsticks Research Limited. It was instigated in 2005 and made its place in the top 10 ranked online survey panels.

Panelbase pays its users for completing surveys. Surveys include questions from media and advertising companies, goods manufacturers, publishers, public service providers, film studios, etc. asking you for your personal opinion about their goods and services. The companies pay Panelbase for connecting them with their customers and Panelbase pays its members for investing their precious time reviewing the products on their site. They render telephone surveys, postal surveys, and mobile surveys (SMS and WAP) along with online surveys. Panelbase pays its customers for product testing and focus groups. Its surveys are familiar with technologies for interactive surveys, interactive ratings, and reviewing video ads, etc.


Company History

Panebase UK was launched in 2005 under a full-service market analysis agency in the UK called Dipsticks Research Limited. Dipsticks have been in operation since 1997 with certain research projects from the largest media companies from all around the world. It is one of the best paid survey sites in the Uk with a huge panelist’s base and board members. It is one of the few reward sites that supervise surveys through telephone, postal services, SMS, and WAP.
They have registered in the Information Commissioner’s office and work under the Data Protection Act 1998 and personal privacy legislation. They are in alliance with Market Research Society Company and conduct all surveys based on the MRS Code of Conduct and ESOMAR guidelines.


Signup with Panelbase UK

Visit Panelbase Official Site>>

Although its website design seems dated but is a legalized site. You can join Panelbase for free. After you reach their homepage, you can either choose to signup with your email or social media profiles. Enter your identity details like your name, age, nationality, address, email address, etc. You will receive a confirmation link on your email inbox. This link will lead you to another webpage where you have to complete your profile by answering a set of questionnaires. The questions cover your ideas about product trials, how you spend your daily life, your likes and dislikes, and areas of your interest to match surveys that you may qualify for.

The profile setup question set takes around 45 minutes to complete with a total of 18 profile categories. They don’t pay you for answering these questions. However, you get a signup bonus worth nearly $4. You will then immediately get survey invitations after signing up.


How does it work?

Panelbase is linked with many other market research companies, product manufacturers, media, and advertising companies, etc. These business agencies seek reviews from their consumers and viewers which they use to bring improvement in their products, programs, and services. The payment chain starts from those business companies to the reward site and the customers. It is free to register. Don’t get distressed by the long profile completing process which pays you nothing. There are many attractive surveys that will compensate you for the time taken to complete surveys on that site.

Starting and completing surveys is the only way to earn in Panelbase. They provide interesting surveys through SMS, WAP, websites, telephone, etc. You can apply for a product trial. You won’t qualify for all the surveys. Before starting taking the survey, you should pass a pre-screener test first. If you didn’t pass the screener then they will appoint you in a monthly prize draw where you can earn $60 in your panel base account. Once the UK members reach their minimum withdrawal amount, they will be given 4 redemption options. You can either transfer money directly to your bank account, get shopping and gift vouchers, donate to charity organizations, or cashout later on. You can invite your friends to join the site and get paid.


How to earn money on Panelbase UK?

Panelbase is a paid survey site that rewards you for taking online surveys. It hosts many types of research conducted by the business organizations to get a review from its users. The surveys include a variety of topics like business strategies, politics, entertainment, food and lifestyle vlogs, etc. They usually run online surveys but also conduct surveys from mobile phones, SMS, WAP, telephone surveys, postal surveys, etc. They may ask you to listen to radio advertisements or review video ads. Before taking the survey, you need to pass a pre-screener test to make sure that you are eligible for that particular survey. One survey may take 2 to 20 minutes to complete and you will be rewarded for your taking time. Longer the surveys, more the payment.

They will pay you $1 to $10 for one survey. You will get entry into prize draws by participating in some surveys. There you may win expensive wines, $100 shopping vouchers, iPods, TVs, etc. It conducts referral programs. You can earn money by inviting your friends and ask them to join Panelbase through your invitation link. This reward is not that motivating because you earn $0.02 for one referral.


Redeeming your income with Panelbase

All of your income in Panelbase will be added to your panel base account. Once you reach your redemption threshold i.e. $10, you can redeem your earnings. There are four payment methods for UK members. These include:

-BACS: You can apply to transfer your income directly into the bank. You will get your bank account summoned up by Panelbase’s earning in 7 days.

-Vouchers or gift cards: You may change your money into gift cards from your favorite store or into shopping vouchers. The couchers are for Love2shop and Compliments. Go to the store and pay with the gift cards. There are about 70 high-street retail channels inside the UK.

-Donations: You can donate your earnings to charity funds.

You can even choose not to payout after reaching the threshold amount. Earn more and redeem money at the time of need.


Is it legit or scam?

Panelbase UK is indeed a legit reward site. There is proof that they actually pay their users. They respect the privacy of their users and keep every user’s activity hidden. There will be no third parties involved in your private details. They don’t send you unsolicited emails or phone calls.

It is free to join and does not charge you money for being its member. It has got positive responses and feedback from its users telling that it is an authentic and fair site. They contact you depending on the type of surveys you choose to take. The members have given a satisfying rating of Panelbase. It has been featured in the top 10 ranked paid survey panels online. This proves its legitimacy.

Pros and Cons

Like every other survey site, Panel base has also its own pros & cons.


-It pays relatively faster compared to other sites.
-It offers telephone surveys, mobile surveys through SMS and WAP, postal surveys, etc along with online surveys.
-It is more reliable and gives many redemption options.
-The redemption threshold is comparatively low.
-Your earning can be directly transferred to your bank account from your panel base account.
-The website is easy to navigate.


-It may declare you as a disqualifying candidate in the middle of the survey. This way your time will be wasted.
-Its referral bonus and signup bonus is comparatively low.
-There is a limited number of surveys.


Final Verdict

Panelbase can be a good option if you have a few hours of free time in a day and if you want to earn a reasonable amount of money in your free time. They take care of the customer’s privacy and security. All the data you provide are kept private and there’s no third-party involvement in your provided information. They do not provide a very attractive amount but the available amount is real and reliable. It has established itself as a top market research company in the UK.

If you want supplementary income to buy you movie tickets, go shopping, eat in a restaurant, and other minor expenses, I would suggest you sit in front of your monitor and start surfing the survey sites. You can access Panelbase through mobile phone, postal service, and telephone. It becomes much easier for you to take surveys of your interest. Join the site to get closer insight if it’s worth your time or not and find out if it can be useful for you or not.

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