MyOpinions Review: Is MyOpinions Legit Or A Scam?


MyOpinions is said to be Australia’s no 1 paid survey websites. It is owned by a company called Survey Sampling International LLC. MyOpinions was established in 1999. Many different survey websites like Opinion Outpost, OpinionWorld, survey spot, QuickThoughts & many more are owned by them. MyOpinions is based on Australia & will literally pay you just for providing your honest opinion about products & different topics. They provide cash & another form of reward for providing your opinion. It is a great site to find new brands & services that are available in your region.

Official Site Name: MyOpinions 

Per survey income: 70 to 300 points per survey

Minimum payout amount: $10 for Flexi gift cards & $20 for PayPal

Withdrawal method: PayPal payment & gift cards

Available Country: Australia

MyOpinions Review

Continue reading this MyOpinions Review for further information about this site.


Company History

MyOpinions is a survey website that is based on Australia. It was established in 1999. MyOpinions is owned by a company called Survey Sampling International, LLC. Many other different survey websites are owned by them and they are Opinion Outpost, OpinionWorld, survey spots & many more. MyOpinions has been ranked by the prestigious BRW as one of the fastest 100 growing companies in Australia for four straight years from 2004-2007. They also have a rating of 3.9 & over 1000 customer reviews with Trustpilot.


How to signup with MyOpinions?

The signup process is very simple. You’ll need to complete a signup form & provide some information about yourself. The information includes name, gender, email address, etc. After you fill this information & submit it, you’ll again need to provide some additional information to complete your registration. After completing all these you will be sent an email that will help you activate the account. The signup process will only take you 10 minutes to complete.


Once your account is activated you need to fill out your profile & you’ll be provided with some points for it. You need to fill it carefully & provide completely honest answers as it increases the chance of being matched to various surveys that you might be interested in. It plays an important role as all the information you provide in your profile will be considered when they are choosing who to invite. The survey invitation will be sent to the email address you provided when you signed up. So, don’t forget to check your email from time to time if you don’t want to miss any of them. They’ll also provide you with a monthly statement which will help you to find out how many points you have collected.


How to earn with MyOpinions?

MyOpinions doesn’t have many alternatives to earn money. However, they let you earn by taking surveys & sharing your opinions. You can also earn 50 points for completing your profile.

1. Survey

Surveys are one of the easiest & common ways to collect points. It won’t take long & pays you good.  It will generally take you 10-40 minutes to complete. The points you will earn by filling a survey completely depends upon its length. The longer the survey, the more points you will earn & the shorter the survey the fewer points you’ll earn. For each survey, you complete you can earn between 10-400 points for participating. 100 points are equal to $1.00. You may also get screened out from some surveys. But don’t worry you will still get 20 points for it.

2. Refer a friend program

Referral is another easy alternative to earn points. If you enjoy using this site you might also want your friends and family to join this site and earn. It’s very simple. All you have to do is send your referral link to your friends and family to join. If they join this site by using your referral link & complete a survey you can earn up to 500 points of their earning which will be automatically credited to your account every time they request a payout. If you send your referral link to many people & make them join this site through your link you don’t even have to take a survey to earn points.

3. Cash prize Draw


Every time you complete a survey successfully you will get a chance to enter into a quarterly cash prize draw of $5000. You’ll also be provided with certain points for completing the survey. They conduct this draw quarterly.

4. Loyalty program

MyOpinions offers a loyalty status program. The more survey you complete more higher level you will reach of loyalty level. There are 5 tiers & they are Bronze, silver, Gold, Platinum & Platinum Plus. The higher level you reach the more weekly bonus you will receive on surveys.


How to redeem your points with MyOpinions?

You can redeem your points for two things here they are gift cards and PayPal payment.

E gift cards

The minimum threshold amount to a request for gift-cards is $10 which is equal to 1100. As soon as you collect 1100 points in your account you will be able to request for egift-card cards. These gift cards can also be converted into other retailer gift cards like iTunes, Myer, Coles, Dominoes, David Jones, JB-Hifi, PlayStation & many more. These gift cards are emailed to you & are available for $10,$20,$50 & $100. The egift-card card will arrive in the email address you provided within 2 days of the request.

PayPal Payment

If you are not interested in egift-card cards & prefer cash instead don’t worry, they do provide you with cash for your points. The minimum threshold amount which is required to request for a PayPal payment is $20 which is equal to 2000 points. You must have 2000 points in your to request for a payout. You can request for a $100 payout with 10,600 points in your MyOpinions account. The processing time for PayPal payment is not exact & can vary from time to time. The gift cards are issued immediately but you have to wait some times for your PayPal payment.


Is MyOpinions Legit Or A Scam?

MyOpinions is a legit & safe site to join. They also have good feedback from consumers in Trustpilot. It is completely free to join. MyOpinions is a survey website that is based on Australia. So if you are not a resident of Australia then this site is not for you.

It was established in 1999 which means they have been in the market for more than 20 years, which is a lot of time. MyOpinions is owned by a company called Survey Sampling International, LLC which also owns many other different survey websites like Opinion Outpost, OpinionWorld, survey spots & many more. They are quite popular in this survey world. They also have a rating of 3.9 and over 1000 customer reviews with Trustpilot.

So, we can be sure that it is completely legitimate & free to join the site. If you are planning to join this site then you should definitely give it a try, I would totally recommend it. They don’t have many earning options but you can still earn a good amount of money if you stick with them for quite some time.


Pros and cons of MyOpinions

In this MyOpinions Review,  I will also provide you with information on the pros & cons of MyOpinions. It’ll help you decide whether you should join this site or not.


– The age criteria are low & anyone who is 14 years old can join this site.
– The minimum threshold amount is low.
– You can trade your points for PayPal Payment and gift cards.
– This site is completely free to join.
– They provide you with different reward options.


– It is only available for the resident of Australia.
– The earning is low.

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Now that you have read this MyOpinions Review you might have gotten all the information you were looking for. It is a great opportunity for someone who is looking forward to earning some money in their free time. It is completely free to join & very easy to use. They are a totally legitimate company that has been in existence for a long time now & also has very good reviews plus ratings in Trustpilot. They also own many different survey websites like Opinion Outpost, OpinionWorld, survey spot, QuickThoughts & many more which are totally legit & pay well to their members.

Although, they do not have many earning opportunities you can earn a good amount of money by filling surveys, providing your opinions, referral program, etc. However, it is a good site that you can join & invest your time to earn some extra money. Don’t join this site with high hopes of getting rich. Let me make this one thing clear for you, Survey sites won’t make you rich. It is true that you can earn some money from survey sites that can help you to some extent but getting rich by taking a survey is a myth. And any survey site that claims to make you rich is definitely a scam & you should immediately leave that site.

MyOpinions is run by a legit company that owns many other different survey websites that are popular in this market. So, it will be a good idea if you are planning to give this site a try. It might be worth your time.


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